Bone China

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I'll just come right out and say it "Bone China was the Led Zepplin of Kalamazoo." In fact I believe in an interview one time singer "Vegas Trip" said "Bone China sounds like Led Zepplin had they come from Seattle." The fact is as far as rock bands go Bone China had the goods. A charismatic front-man and insanely good guitar player and drummer and one of the best bass players in town (Mike Keith) This recording however I believe was done after Mike had left the band for his religious beliefs. I know a full legth exists with Mike on Bass and it's a real jem. For the record Tod was certainly no slouch on Bass either! P.S. not many bands have the balls to cover Robert Johnson and even less do it as well as Bone China did.

As remembered by Jeff

Firstly, Bone China was a big suprise because they were categorically different than the rest of the boots n' shorts cyber-space-punkmetal that everyone else was playing. They were wicked fun to watch. Vegas Trip suprised many by being able to sing well. The band was terrible at matching each other, meaning that the members LOOKED like they should have been in other bands. All the musicians were very good, with a special nod to the guitar player who sounded as much like Brian May as he looked. He was a joy to watch. BTW it was Dustin Donaldson playing drums on the demo. Vegas and Dustin eventually went West and toured together in Pansy Division. Rumor from the street said they were dropped with bus fare part way. Dan Roe recently told me that Mr. Trip (Mr. Vegas?) has changed his name to Vegas officially, so PLEASE do not call him Steve Jenkins.

Bone China

  1. Hold
  2. Idyll
  3. Trauma 25
  4. Preachin