Leppotone Electrical Recordings is a collective/label/network/club of folks. Its best to learn about them at their fully-featured website at www.leppotone.com

AMY STEVENS sent me this cool list of Leppotone stuff. Its an interesting read for people who have been touched by the group:

Also, I realized that Twister and Goldstar don’t seem to have made it onto the leonstemple site. (LT note: this exclusion was merely an oversight....)

Twister was Mike Limbert and Nathan McLaughlin (and sometimes Mark Peeters) from the Sleestacks with Scott Sinatra on drums. They were absolutely the fastest band I’ve ever seen in Kalamazoo. Think the first Who record played at 78. Along with originals, they played a weird range of covers (obscure garage rock to Funkadelic’s “Super Stupid”). They later basically toned it down a peg and became the Phabulous Pallbearers (Fortune and Maltese’s backing band). I would put the timeframe as early to mid 90’s.

Goldstar (mid to late 90’s) was Jason Fortier (King Tammy), Karl Knack and Scott Stevens (Sinatras) and Nathan McLaughlin (Sleestacks, Twister, etc.). They weren’t around long, but they were mighty. All of them had worked as Phabulous Pallbearers at various points, and I think Goldstar came about because they were all tired of being stuck playing garage rock and nothing but garage rock. Goldstar was, instead, a sort of no-wave prog-rock freak machine that made people grow spiritual moustaches and go on journeys of sound. They were amazing. They released “LIVE ON WIDR” on Scratch and Sniff, but it seems to be out of print. Hoping to get it available again sooooooon!

Anyway, here’s the list……

Leppotone Seven Inchers
The Sleestacks: Soulshaker (incl. Steve Raymond) b/w Land of Lincoln
The Sinatras: Action Party b/w Sheila's Glowing
LT-002 (UT0851)
Jabberwock: Forward Sending b/w Off The Line
Fortune & Maltese: No Dice & Fools' Gold b/w Take My Word & Wicked Weed
Twister: On the American Scene: Under the Dog b/w That Girl
Fortune & Maltese: Wig Wam & Gone, Gone, Gone b/w (Kent Berglund) Action Man & Don't Mind If I Do
The Sinatras: Heartstopper b/w I Know Your Thang

Leppotone Cassettes

The Sinatras: Imaginary Singles Collection:
I Don't Want to Follow
Little Temptations
A Life in Flames
I Found You
She Says She Knows
I Wanna See You Cry
She Said She Said
When It's Over
No Surprise
Death Valley Days
Mod Limbo
Askin' Too Much
The Girl Next Door
The Sweetest Kiss
Kinda Like Love
Port Wine Lads: So It Goes
Open Season
Dead in the Water
Sunday Morning
No Standing
North Drive North

The Sleestacks: A Pirate's Life and 45 Other Minutes
A Pirate's Life
Private Eye
Quo Vadis
Bubble Pipe
Tax the Chicken Man
My Hallucination
Jim Backus
Check Out My Butt
Listen to the Band
Whitey-Buck Houston,
P.O. Box 9847
32 Feet Per Second
Sail Your Boat/Got That Boogie in Me

Various: A Leppotone Christmas
Winter Wonderland - The Leppotone Family Singers
Silent Night - The Sinatras
(Can You Tell Me) What is Christmas? - The Sleestacks
The Christmas Song - The Scary Tweezers
Sant Must Die - King Tammy
Santa Claus - Twister
Christmas TV Dinner - Port Wine Lads
Jingle Bells - Leppotone Dixieland All-Stars
LTC-005 ?

The Sleestacks: Fill 'er Up
Moon King
My Hallucination
Spider and the Fly

The Mark G. Peeters Experience: Real Graham Goodness
Sammy(..and Then There Was)
The Plaster Heads
Love Forever
The Icemen of Balladtroy
President's Time
Senses Can
Som'thin' Comin' On
Leen Keen
Man On The Moon
She's Got Everything
It Takes A Man
Nitro-Burin' Funny Car
Save Yourself From Falling

Leppotone CDs
Scary Tweezers: 3D Movie

King Tammy: Think of What You Are Eating and How It Powers You
I Tricked Deegans
Crack Yer Back
Jerry Get Your Blimp
I Built My House
Take Me by Surprise
Pecos Bob
Mr. Gomez
I Should Shoot You
He's Taking Off His Clothes
We Love You

Various: Leppotone Electrical Recordings
The Sinatras - Action Party, Hope, Sense, Underground, Didn't Wanna
King Tammy - On Forbis' Stinking Eggs, Travellin' Butcher, My Town, Only Babies Cry
The Sleesacks - Spider to the Fly, Moon King, My Hallucination, Rumors, Sagittarius
Scary Tweezers - Giant Claw, Polka in the Mosh Pit, Stone Cold Coffee, You Gonna Eat Those Fries?
Twister - This Is All, That Girl, Black Hood

The Kabalas: Martinis and Bagels

Triplemint: Garbanzo Beam (enhanced)
Gnome Parade
Final Find
Close you Eyes
Hide Away
One Foot on the Earth, One Hand in the Sky
Extra-Leppotonal Affairs
Fortune & Maltese: Fortune and Maltese and the Pabulous Pallbearers (SCALP-110) (Screaming Apple Records, Germany)
Wig Wam
No Dice
Fools' Gold
Gone, Gone, Gone
Wicked Weed
Take My Word
Don't Mind if I Do
(Kent Berglund) Action Man
Let's Dance
Bamboozled Again
Low Man (On Her Totam Pole)
Try a Little Harder
I Just Don't Care
Chase You
I Found a New Love
Golden Arm
The Bummer
Black Hood

Fortune & Maltese: Fortune and Maltese Konquer Kampus (HLP-103A) Hillsdale Records
If Push Comes to Shove
My Baby's Hearse
Cuttin' Class
Ask the Swami
(She's a) Blow Out
(Let's All Go to the) Science Fair
Study Break
Tappa Kegga USA
Tally Ho
Girls Ruin Everything
Truth Serum
Pizza Party Twist
Cuz I Want You, Yeah I Need You
High Horse

Fortune & Maltese: Live at Harvey’s (The Bootleg Record)
You Know I'm Pretentious, Baby
No Dice, No Dice
Wig Wam
Fool's Gold
Can't Hurt Him Action Man
Oh, My Cartoon]
The Hollow Log Song
I Gotta New Love
Just Don't Care
Go on and Try It Baby
Wicked Weed
Low Man on Her Totem Pole
Me and My Golden Arm
Bewitched by Your Love...
Action Woman
Dirty Old Man
+ Chevy Man

King Tammy: Welcome to the County Fair... Motherfucker (SNSE 002)
I Lost My Car
Recession of the Jaw (Theme from Mammoth)
A Wedding Song
Scar Trek - Wrath of Jyohn
Little Man vs. the Smithees

Kyle Mannen's Monkey Machine
Daemon of the Dragway (Saving Lives by Mashing Face)
Eating Greenjeans Brains
My Shadow in Vain
Beautiful Beast

Produced by Kramer and King Tammy

all songs originals except for "My Shadow in Vain" (by Gary Numan)

Goldstar: Live on WIDR (SNSE 019) CDR
California Has More Sundays Than Michigan
Negative Touching
Dancing Verboten
Circus Boy
Kingdom of the Ants
5-H Fair
bonus studio tracks:
5-H Fair
Kingdom of the Ants

Pre-Leppo Tapes
The Dazzle Heads (featuring Mike Limbert and Mark Peeters): Fine Fun At Art's House
Slop it on the Bun
Back Again
Define Yourslef
Thankyou Box

Port Wine Lads: Port Wine Lads (incl. Jim Padilla)
Dead in the Water
Sunday Morning
Day at the Ball Park (Frip-Fraps)
Ronald (acoustic)
Huevos Grandes (Live 12-1-90)

King Tammy: Criminals Like Cheeseburgers Too
WKRP in Cincinnati
Mr. Gomez
Look at me (I'm so Scared)
Crack Yer Back
Jerry Get Your Blimp
I Built My House (On Top of a Store)
What You're Doing
We Love You/Interstellar Overdrive
Movin' On Up

The Sinatras: Tater Tots, AGAIN? (Babs 001)
(track listing pending)
Toxic Attitude: Stupid Teenage Music 7" EP (DR 01)
featuring Scott on drums, 1985
Experimental Grounds
Credit Cards
Cascade Hills
War Crimes
Drank Too Much

Compilation Tracks:
The Sinatras song "When It's Over" was on Celluloid/Moving Target's "It Came From Jay's Garage" (1988 LP and Cassette, MT 019)
The Sinatras covered Henry Gross' song, Shannon, on Pravda's 20 Explosive Dynamic Super Smash Hit Explosions! <http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000000B5C?v=glance> (Pravda 6338, Feb of 1994)
The Sinatras song "Action Party" appeared on the 1996 CD only "Sasquatch: A Miranda Records Sampler"
The Sinatras: My Scene Rules (Depression Records?)