Monoglot and Dynamic Ribbon Device Crackertax

I've got two EP's that you might be interested in.

The first is the Dynamic Ribbon Device Crackertax EP

Zach Burdick: Guitar / Vocals
Jeff Mansberger: Drums / Vocals
Brennan Sang: Bass / Vocals

I'm not much for bios, but myself and my buddy Jeff Mansberger were ina band called Pasta Madonna when we were in High School in Paw Paw.Jeff and I and our buddy Zach Burdick started Dynamic Ribbon Device ayear or so out of high school. We recorded this at Broadside. A bitafter we recorded this, and after Trocar broke up for the first timeChafe Hensley came on and played a second guitar with us.

The second EP is the self-title EP from Monoglot.

After Dynamic Ribbon Device broke up, Zach and a friend Anders Schollplayed around with some songs that Zach had been recording on hiseight-track. They played a basement show with just the two of them,and then Zach gathered up a bunch of folks to fill out the sound.Chafe Hensley's wife Anne sang harmonies, Chris Moore and AndrewMansberger from Berwer came on to play drums, keyboard and electricguitar, and I played bass. We recorded this EP straight through, inone take at the recital hall in the Dalton Center. Tim Eisler fromSeņor Cummypants and Beowulf Scantron Test did theengineering/recording. I think this is an interesting aside for a lotof the members, who were generally playing in knock-downscream-your-lungs-out bands either right before, right after, orduring their time in Monoglot.

Hope that helps...


[SND] 02 Fear and Might.mp3 08-Mar-2009 09:57 6.0M
[SND] 03 Eugoria.mp3 08-Mar-2009 09:57 2.9M
[SND] firstsong.mp3 08-Mar-2009 09:58 2.7M

Dynamic Ribbon Device Crackertax

[SND] 01 littersifter.mp3 08-Mar-2009 10:02 3.0M
[SND] 02 steve albinis pan..> 08-Mar-2009 10:02 2.2M
[SND] 03 vicars daughter.mp3 08-Mar-2009 10:01 3.1M
[SND] 04 fresh loaf.mp3 08-Mar-2009 10:00 2.0M
[SND] 05 anthem.mp3 08-Mar-2009 10:01 1.8