The Casies (1995 - 1997?)

(Made up by Jeff, someone please send a real one to cool @ leons temple . com (remove spaces))

After opening their wrists to get "Table" onto the scene, in some future timeframe they started again arguably taking it a bit easier. The band seems to be table without Jared (he must of gone to Thought Industry), but with uberreplacement Mike Yount, which is about as good as you can get. I might be missing huge parts of this. Mike Roche once told me that he is composed of about four things: Miller Light, Marlboro Lights, Jack's Pizza and something else. Mike once visited me in Boston and had his first Manhattan. We played pool. Bret has a family, his wife once visited me in Boston as well with her friend and another friend here made her spend the entire weekend in the third crappiest bar in town, called The Crossroads. I don't know Joe very well at all.

The important part, if anything here is particularly important, is there is a great new album for you to download. Get it now!


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