Catharsis (1987 - 1989)

Catharsis, prog-rock heavy hitters of the late 80s Kalamazoo musical landscape, formed in 1987, when Nick Petroff and Mike Yount hooked up with Bill Clements. After winning studio time in a WIDR/Club Soda sponsored battle of the bands, the trio recorded a four-song demo at Brown & Brown studios in Kalamazoo and quickly became a staple of the Kalamazoo club and music festival scene.

In 1988, Mike left the band. Drummer Brad Frank then joined, and with the help of Tim Kolleth (then program director at WIDR) and Dylan Schmorrow (adept promoter of local music and member of the Kalamazoo band, Vicious Kiss), Catharsis planned small Midwestern tours and additional recordings. Later that year, Bill lost much of his right arm in a tragic industrial accident. Miraculously, and with great tenacity, Bill returned to the practice studio a month after his accident. Only a few months later, Catharsis recorded a self-titled 12-inch and continued playing shows.

Bill left Catharsis in 1989. Bassist J. Gorgone joined the group shortly afterwards, and after playing several shows, recording a final demo, and completing a brief national tour, Catharsis disbanded.

Nick Petroff later played in San Francisco bands Squelch and Missing Link.

Bill Clements later played in Selling Heaven, Killswitch, Burning Tent Revival and a multitude of other projects.

Mike Yount later played with Bill in Selling Heaven and Killswitch.

Brad Frank later played with Robert Bradley (RCA/Vanguard), The Mertons (Blackdog Records), and Southwest Michigan groups Pillar to Post, Willamena, Calico, The Undercats, and One Step Beyond.

Tim Kolleth, who was officially Catharsis' manager, is currently the head of Radio Promotion at Alligator Records. His name also frequently appears in the production credits of their artists' releases.

In addition to helping manage and promote Catharsis, Dylan Schmorrow founded the Alternative Music Promotional Society (AMPS), a WMU student organization that regularly organized shows in lecture halls on Western's campus featuring Kalamazoo area bands.



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