Exotic Foxes (2000?)

Here is the Exotic Foxes, (Mandi Neubecker's NYC indyband.)

We formed after I taught Mandi how to play guitar. After searching for a bass player for a year, wefinally convinced my friend Edwin Huh to join. Weplayed one show that many old skool kzoo types,(essentially Mandi's fan club) walked, drove and someeven flew out to see Ms. Neubecker rock out. We brokeup almost a year later with 5 new songs written, butnever recorded. I can send pictures if necessary.

Track one is called Blurry LinesTrack three is called Whatever it Takes

Mandi is currently living in Greenpoint Brooklyn withher boyfriend Jason. She is a certified Pilatesinstructor and is continues to play music.

Mandy Newbecker--guitar, vocals

Edwin Huh - Bass

Brian Koskuc - Drums?


[SND] 01 Blurry Lines.mp3 18-May-2008 08:40 3.7M

[SND] 03 Whatever it Takes..> 18-May-2008 08:41 4.5M