Feedbag was a comedy band made up of revolving scenesters, often wearing costumes (such as Halsey's slave boy). I only saw them twice, and I'm not sure there were many more shows than that, but the reputation certainly was bigger than life.

From Brian Barnes: Two shows, one was stinkfest (ugh, spent some of the day with Paul stinking himself up, you never forget that....) and the other spork at soda. I'm pretty sure that Ben Richards played bass as stinkfest, and Brent at soda (with Halsey and Todd might have been there, I forgot to ask him.)

Below is the all new note sent by Evan about recent FEEDBAG shenannigans

20 years later, feedbag's epic "We Will Rock You on the Feast of the Sabbath" has been released ... Sir Evan "Fingers" Smith came up to my Hell-A crib on Monday and, after an 8-Ball, a case of beer, and some deer tranquilizers we bashed-out this metal (insert angelic screams here, please) masterpiece ..

Ev quickly hammered out the geetarz and bass lines as well as the heartfelt, operatic vocal bits; I assisted on a scream and stood back- to-back with Mr. Smith on some alternating solo work on the ol' guitfiddle ...

Rockin' the skins is the awesomely evil Mr. Halsey; rumor has it he played the drum parts (gong and all) in one take while blindingly ripped on angel dust and soy milk and hit the snare drum with severed goat legs (the hooves make a nice 'snap' on the snare drum) ...

Once we sober up we'll continue to add assorted extras to the song (goat screams, spooky organ intro, etc.) ... (everybody is welcomed and encouraged to contribute)

For your downloading and sonic enjoyment, I have provided (below) the logon information for my ftp site and placed an .aif file and an AAC version of the song ... with a decent network connection, each file will take approximately 666 seconds to download ..

We will rock you on the feast of the sabbath.mp3

Rawk! ~ t

Lyrics (penned in 1988 by P. Richardson and E. Smith; inspiration for the first three lines of Verse 4 come courtesy of Sir Purple Dave):

We Will Rock You on the Feast of the Sabbath

Long haired metal maniacs running wild tonight Blood and gore, smelly whore.. YOU KNOW IT FEELS ALRIGHT! Jesus fears our fiery realm, you know the reason why! Cuz FEEDBAG is the band, THAT'S GONNA MAKE YOU...DIE!


And a thousand sould cried out (we will rock you .. we will rock you) I said "ten thousand souls cried out .. we will rock you ..... ON THE FEAST OF THE SABBATH!!!"

Verse 2

SHUT UP! you stupid slut .. Put on your drippy drawers Get your ass into the Monarch .. We're goin' to the show Metal is the Master and FEEDBAG IS THE KING .. FEEDBAG makes you realize .. THE GOOD THAT EVIL BRINGS!!!!!!


Verse 3

Paul the sacred profit, spews out the rights of doom Geoff's relentless rhythm, releasing dead from tombs Brent and Evan grind away demonic riffs of death SLAVE PREPARE FOR SACRIFICE!!!! BREATH YOUR LAST BREATH!!!!!

Verse 4

Lifeless mounds of FEEDBAG fans adorn the black arena Kalamazoo you've just been served SATAN'S DEATH SUBPOENA!!! We came we rocked we kicked some ass, our albums selling platinum All pretenders to the throne, you know FEEDBAG has sat in 'em!



End life after hearing most perfect song ever created ...

No slaves were harmed during the recording of this song ...


We will rock you on the feast of the sabbath.mp3


These are two shows. You can sort them out yourself.

  1. 01 Enter To the Realm of Santa (Stinkfest).mp3
  2. 02 Sewerfoam (Stinkfest).mp3
  3. 04 Jesus Rode A Jet Ski (Stinkfest).mp3
  4. 06 Stainway To Hot'N'Now (Stinkfest).mp3
  5. 08 Satanic Scouts (Stinkfest).mp3
  6. 09 Dogg Poop (Stinkfest).mp3
  7. 10 Disco Grove Monster (Stinkfest).mp3
  8. 11 Hard Times (Stinkfest).mp3
  9. 12 Simpson's Intro_Moke (Spork at Club Soda).mp3
  10. 13 Stairway to Hot'N'Now (Spork at Club Soda).mp3
  11. 14 Proud To Be A Primate (Spork at Club Soda).mp3
  12. 15 I'm So Happy I Could Shit (Spork at Club Soda).mp3
  13. 16 Spork (Spork at Club Soda).mp3
  14. 17 We're Not Going To Take It (Spork at Club Soda).mp3
  15. 18 Operation Desert Storm_Butt Medley (Spork at Club Soda).mp3
  16. 19 Satanic Scouts (Spork at Club Soda).mp3
  17. 20 Brown Thing (Spork at Club Soda).mp3