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The 'Temple presents to you show flyers from the day. Besides being interesting pieces themselves, they may spark memories of the nights themselves. Feel free to send your relics in jpgs (scan or photograph with your digital camera/iphone) Enjoy!

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The Cark Askew collection

Until recently I had never thought of taking the timeto send in the vast collection of Kzoo flyers I stillhave in my grubby paws from the glory years of theKzoo music scene.

After seeing the update today, I've decided tophotograph/scan all of them for submission to yourwonderful historical account of the rise and fall ofKalamazoo. Hell, I even have ticket stubs for some ofthe larger shows, and 2 unused ones for one of theKalapalooza's.

I will also try to round up some other tidbits, suchas more info on Meet Sally(whom in theory I was titledas band manager) and see if I can't find a way todigitize other rare tidbits I own such as theClockmaker cassette.