Dave Grant & Mike Roche, plus Brett and Mark and others (1999 - present)

I hear sometimes Dave Grant and Mike Roche get together and record music, and sometimes have a can of beer whilst doing so.

Gasoline (2002)

We put this one together in my basement, then tracked it in the studio later. The song sat for a few years - it always felt unfinished. I added little guitar overdubs after the 1st chorus and throughout the bridge (in 2008) to finish it off.

Mike Roche - gtr, drums

Dave-vox/acoust gtr

Mark Baldwin (bass)

Brett Fields - gtr

St Patrick (2007)

Not the official name for the tune - just how it's named on my drive cuz we tracked it on (or around) St Pats day 2007. 

Mike Roche -gtr, bass, drums. 

Dave Grant vox/acoust gtr

Brett Fields-gtr

*Charles Bradford was in the studio while we tracked vox. We almost started a band.

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[SND] Stars 18-Aug-2008 15:25 8.8M

[SND] gasoline.mp3 18-Aug-2008 15:25 8.8M

[SND] stpatrick.mp3 18-Aug-2008 15:26 8.7M