"Harvey's the Movie".

A game made up in 2000 and never played again

OK, this might be the most trite, provincial, catty, and time-wasting thing up on this site. Back in 2000 somebody started an e-mail game by creating the poster below in Photoshop. It is a parady of a movie poster for "Harvey's the Movie".

The guy who made it up had the fun of CASTING the characters with famous actors. As it got passed around, many others were cast. The list is below. Many are funny, some are dated, and some border on cruel. Hopefully everyone will see it as just a joke, as even the original author was self-deprecating in his own casting.

If people are excluded, then I think we could continue the game here - Just post messages to this page. (remember, its only fun if someone gets their feelings hurt.)

This was the last of the e-mails I could find on an old computer:

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Subject: Moderately fun game - Harvey's movie

> fellas,

> Blue eyes made up this game by making the poster attached below. He's > is a good game-maker. Then things went on and on to an ALMOST exhaustive > state.

Nuno Betencort as Colin Hoopingarner
Nick Nolte as Barry Smith
Steve Kerr as Tommy Ufkus
Tom Hanks as Jared Bryant (alternatives: Tom Hulce, Robin Williams)
Sen. Orrin Hatch as Jareds Dad
Ed McMahon as Marv Bryers
Bruce Campbell(Evil Dead) as Dave Nash
Mathew Broderick as Joel Johnson
Daryl of Larry Larry and Daryl as Bret Fields
Ted Nugent as Joe Kiuppers.
Tony Danza as Zippy
William Hurt as Paul Enzio
Julian Sands as John(King Tammy drummer)
Peter Scolari(Bossom Buddies) as Steve Davison(King Tammy)
Andrew Dice Clay as Jeff Sussex
Jared Leto as Brad Vanderark (Verve Pipe Bassist)
Calista Flockhart(Ally McBeal) as Robin Reesh
The kid who played Annakin Skywalker as Robin's son
Ross Perot as Brock Sussex
Matthew Sweet as Brian Charles
Ving Rhames as Chris Wilson
Rip Taylor as Paul Kiry
Jane Fonda as Erin Dwight
Cher as Rob (singer of Eve Black, and that other Todd McNaughten band)
Vincent Gallo for Darrin Doyle
Jay Mohr (go, action) as Mike Connelly
Ron Howard as Scott Carver
Mickey Rooney as Mike Mead
Eric Stoltz as Rocky Dennis as Rich (boom-box bootlegger)
Robert Downey Jr. as Luke Decastro
John Favreau(Swingers) as Christopher Lee
Selma Blair as Suzy Klass
Tim Robbins as Mike Limbert(Sleestacks)
Bun E. Carlos(Cheap Trick Drummer) as Scott Stevens
Gallagher as Todd Mcnaughton
Jim Carrey as the lead singer from Tongue
Jeffrey Dahmer as John Reemer
Anthony Michael Hall as Joel Wick
Billy bob Thorton as Road-I
Ed Bagely Jr. as Dan-o
Lisa Kudrow as Kristy Kampsmith
John Bon Jovie as Chuck's friend Erik who wasn't allowed in the house
Paul Reubens as Steve Martin
Luke Perry as Matt Sahlgren
Natasha Lyonne (Slums of Beverly Hills, American Pie) as Karla Wescott
Pauly Shore as Squirrel
John Tuturro as Jason Fortier
Robin Tunney(End of Days,Niagra Niagra) as Molly(Doxie)
Tubbs from Miami Vice as Geoff Halsey
Ethan Hawke as Matt Gross
Hootie and the Blowfish as Saucy Jack
Drew Carrey as Richard Bowser
Jeff Bridges as Dave Van Dyke
Lead singer of Korn as Dan Jager
Adult Jerry Mathers as Geof Halsey
Lou Phillip Diamond as Ron Muniz
Kevin Bacon as Dean Van Dyke
Ron jeremy as Jamie Betwee
chris bryers as Dave Hoekstra
Steve Buscemi as Bob Clomperens
The large black monolith from 2001 A Space Oddessey as Troy Stanzberry
River Pheonix as the guitarist from Konnichi Wah
Macauley Culkin as Kathryn V
Jeff Daniels or Bill Paxton as Bill Fergeson
Alan Alda as Jeff Clements
Fabio as Kevin Hannah(Clockmaker Bassist)
David Hasselhoff as Craig(the singer from THE ERJ)
Charlie Brown as John Fountain
John Ritter as Craig Verity
David Lee Roth as Vegas Trip (trip vegas?)
Richard Gere as Mike Yount
Brandy as Kathryn V.
Tom Cruise as Farkas
Kevin Dillon as Kevin Oberlin
Chris Zymouski as himself
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Dustin Donaldson
Norm Mac donald as Blaine
James Spader as Chris Simons
Bette Midler as Marci Persky
the guy who played commander Ryker on Star Trek:new Generation as Paul Toth
Arnold Schartzenegger as Craig Riit e nour
Anthony Edwards (of ER, Top Gun, Revenge of the Nerds) as Charles Bradford
The Hanson Brothers as Colin Bradford
Gary Sinise as Tommy Fuller
Andre the Giant as Ron Casebeer
Paul McCartney as Karl Knack
Steve Perry (of Journey) as that soda sound guy (John? I think)
> Some people left uncast:
> Evan Smith
> Michelle Graf
> Allysa Ritenour
> Shirley Clemens >