Obtrusive Mode (1992 - 1993)

Obtrusive Mode was formed from the ashes of The Circus Freakshow, started by Steve Chaffin, Steve Moore, Bob Marshall, Douglas Garnett and Steve Spaeth in 1992-3. It began as a Mr. Bungle type of grotesque mishmash of metal, funk, weirdo nonsense complete with a drunken clown that abused the audience. Well, in Kalamazoo you can be sure that did not last long. And it probably wasn't as funny as it seemed to us...

So... onto other things, Bob, Steve Moore and I [DuG] became a 3 piece, trying to get into more serious metal stuff without sounding like it was 'too' metal. which doesn't make sense, but that was when that genre was dubbed 'uncool' so we were 'alternative hard rock'.

Our sound was mainly influenced by the likes of Pantera, Clutch & Faith No More.

Anyway, Steve Moore was gone and we snatched up Dave Fox on drums, whom i'd played with a few years back in various 'hair-type' bands, but he was an incredible drummer, really in my opinion the most under-rated of all the drummers in K'zoo. Next up, we lifted bassist Jim Belson from some death metal band, I think their name was Psychosis?

So it was now ME, Bob Marshall, Jim Belson, and Dave Fox, that's when it turned into what Obtrusive Mode would be til it's demise. We recorded an e.p. at Mike Roche's Broadside Barn/Studio and that was the beginning of the end.

We weren't in the hipster scene but metalheads dug us and we bounced back n forth between being a 'Club Soda' band to a 'Scallywagg', which was Travis Bjork's [Suburban Funeral] metal club hangout. Briefly Tom Brignall III joined Obtrusive Mode as a sampler/keyboardist/noisemaker and that became the catalyst that ultimately broke up the band as a dispute between Tom and Bob made it no fun for anyone anymore...

Jim, Dave and I decided to leave it alone and played in Naked Lunch for a while. I decided to have fun with music and started a joke punkmetal band called "The Artist Formerly Known As Hog and The New Hog Generation" and we played some really fun shows with GWAR, Impotent Sea Snakes and few others. Then i got fed up and bored and decided to play electronic music for about 10 years. That gave rise to VS THE SUCT, which began as Suctionman in 1997 in K'zoo.

The music we were doing back then wouldn't be too out of place from what is going on in hard rock today. It seems the genre is cyclical and doesn't really change much. The tracks here were recorded in 1994.


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