So This is Outerspace (1997 - 1998)

Attached you will find two So This is Outerspacesongs. There originally was just Bryan aka "Skip" andhis stratocaster, but then he started playing withDan and at first they asked me to do percussive stuff,then realized that they wanted a full band.

Track one is called Metallic CherryTrack seven is called All the Young Hessians

Production values are of course a little shoddy, butwhat can you do?

Also attached is a PDF (click to download!) that shows our democover...(that no one has...I think we sent a copy toMerge records)A funny fake interview, some littlegirl's zine for photo reference and a flyer for one ofmy personal musical highlights, opening for theSinatra's. All writing is obviously Skip's words. Letme know if you want more.

I understand if things don't get posted so I totallyunderstand, but I think the sub-scene that Joel Wickwas an obvious central figure of deserves maybe it'sown sub-category. There were a lot of bands likeJihad, Ordination of Aaron, Broken Hearts are Blue,that were at least international in fan base.

Anyway, I will also be forwarding Mandi Neubecker'sindy band in one more email.




Not sure why, but Brian only sent TWO of the presumably eight songs available. Maybe he'll send them all, or let us know where people can buy a copy.

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