Quixote (?)

Jason Paul writes in:

I got the go ahead to send in that remastered Quixote to post. So that's kinda kick-ass. It's kind of funny how I was just Googling Paul Wartella's obituary because I was contacting some other friends of ours who didn't realize he had passed and I found this site, and through this site I was able to get ahold of Tony U. and give him a secret remastered CD he didn't know existed.

If for nothing else at least this site has reminded me again how small of a world we live in. This e-mail is mainly to thank you for this site, it's pretty entertaining and reminiscent.

I'll wait for you to reply to this e-mail before I start sending the songs. I will put one per e-mail, all 11 of them. I have to warn you the 9 from the released album are untitled (just had a burned CD, and there are no CDDB entries for CD's that have only two known copies) and the other 2 unreleased songs are basically untitled.




[SND] 01 Track 01.mp3 03-Aug-2008 13:07 4.4M

[SND] 02 Track 02.mp3 03-Aug-2008 13:08 4.3M

[SND] 03 Track 03.mp3 03-Aug-2008 13:09 7.5M

[SND] 04 Track 04.mp3 03-Aug-2008 13:09 6.3M

[SND] 05 Track 05.mp3 03-Aug-2008 13:10 3.8M

[SND] 06 Track 06.mp3 03-Aug-2008 13:11 8.0M

[SND] 07 Track 07.mp3 03-Aug-2008 13:12 6.1M

[SND] 08 Track 08.mp3 03-Aug-2008 13:13 6.8M

[SND] 09 Track 09.mp3 03-Aug-2008 13:13 2.6M

[SND] 10 Track 10.mp3 03-Aug-2008 13:34 4.3M

[SND] 10 Track 10.mp3 03-Aug-2008 13:34 4.3M


[SND] 01-A Force.mp3 23-Jun-2007 18:36 5.2M

[SND] 02-No Bark.mp3 23-Jun-2007 18:38 5.1M

[SND] 03-Pieces of Puzzles..> 23-Jun-2007 18:41 7.2M

[SND] 04-Lincoln.mp3 23-Jun-2007 18:42 4.5M

[SND] 05-Generator Small.mp3 23-Jun-2007 18:45 6.8M

[SND] 06-Childhood Superhe..> 23-Jun-2007 18:48 7.8M

[SND] 07-Shot.mp3 23-Jun-2007 18:52 10.0M

[SND] 08-Unless.mp3 23-Jun-2007 18:56 9.6M

[SND] 09-Twilight.mp3 23-Jun-2007 18:57 2.8M