Ron Muniz and the Plastic Five

As described by Bad Ronald himself:

I have 4 tracks i can send from the last band projectI did about 4 years ago.This band was called "Plastic Five" and while it was acollaborative writing effort, I played drums,keyboard, and the glokenspiel. This track was achallenge because I learned how to play keyboards withmy left hand, and drums with my right, which was alsohow we recorded the studio tracks. These songs arefrom a "rough mix" stage and never saw finalproduction but I think they still sound pretty good.I did a variety of projects and music genre's over theyears so I will send more in the near future.

Thanks for a very cool site.

Ron Muniz (aka Bad Ronald)

Bone China

  1. 01Rain.mp3
  2. 02Handbag.mp3
  3. 03Part2.mp3
  4. 04ThinAir.mp3