Table (1992 - 1993?)

(As remembered by Jeff, someone please send a real one to cool @ leons temple . com (remove spaces))

Table was started by Mike Roche, I think, in 1992 after he got back from going to guitar college in San Fransisco and being covered by hair metal magazine for having zippy fingers. (he does have fucking zippy fingers, alright). He recruited Jared Bryant who could instantly learn any fucked up thing Mike could invent on his drum machine. They then built their own bass player (getting Brett Fields to switch from guitar to bass) and got Joe K. to sing. They then practiced, no joke, for over a YEAR to learn, like, six songs, that they would then play out, like, five times. They produced one CD called 'Blank' which also served as the birth of 'Broadside Productions', Mike's studio which would go on to serve countless bands. I think either Brent or Chuck made up the name 'table.' and it bordered on a joke. All said, they were tight as hell and damn tricky. Almost a sign of the times.


  1. 01-Leisure Lies.mp3
  2. 02-Critic.mp3
  3. 03-Blank.mp3
  4. 04-The Nowhere.mp3
  5. 05-If Not For Guilt.mp3
  6. 06-Vein.mp3