Phil A. Sheo and The Goods

Here we have the 6 song recording of Phil A. Sheo w/ the Goods from NY (although from NY 3 of 4 are from K-zoo and from the K-zoo version 3 of 4 were only also from K-zoo) the terrific rock songs were recorded underneath a candy store on Long Island on a 4 track after 10 pm and until 1 am-ish.

The songs are:

1. George Burns Sexy Hunchback ­ it is what it is. Toolmaster came to my and Phil’s place and this was our first song constructed unplugged and still ballsy

2. Legacy of Gold ­ this tune is about this guy from Kalamazoo that would rent porn and with his double VRC set up would create “GOLD Tapes #...” and those tapes were just the highlights of all the porn he researched. Very little dialogue and hard to follow plots.

3. D is For ­ Phil asked “hey , what key is that in” We said “D”. Phil said “A-drugs, B-sex, C-rock-n-roll, D all the above” and it became a song

4. Feel My Rock- speaks for itself here

5. Cyanide Sweetheart- I really like this song. It could used an extra guitar on some parts but the Toolmaster was amazing with his wah-wah to create that eerie mood and when he switched from wha-wha to regular monster guitar he would do this great hop into the air and come down just right to hit both pedals to switch one on and one off at the same time. shit, I love that guy.

6. Ballad of Phil A Sheo- this song tells about all of us and to this day I still can’t believe Dr Sardonnikus kept up the whole time….the guy is a machine and I would play with him today if we weren’t separated by 4 states.

K-zoo/NY Line up:

Phil A Sheo ­ the Dr and Reverend of Rock, singer

Tony Party ­yes yes yes no no no, on the bass

Dr Sardonnikus- hung like a bear and half Jew, drums

Toolmaster - dropping riffs like Reeve off a horse, guitar


[SND] Ballad Of Phil.mp3 12-Jul-2008 11:43 3.3M

[SND] Cyanide Sweet.mp3 12-Jul-2008 11:43 3.5M

[SND] D Is For.mp3 12-Jul-2008 11:44 2.1M

[SND] Feel My Rock.mp3 12-Jul-2008 11:44 3.7M

[SND] George Burn.mp3 12-Jul-2008 11:44 2.5M

[SND] Legacy Of Gold.mp3 12-Jul-2008 11:45 2.6M