The Sleestacks

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The Sleestacks came from K-college. They were also the cornerstone and creators of Leppotone Electrical Recordings. They wrote and performed rock operas, including one about pirates who had a dandy*.

* A dandy is boy/man who is dressed up as a woman so that seaman can dance/cavort with her on the long, lonely sea voyages and enjoy the female companionship.

A Pirate's Life
  1. A Pirate's Life
  2. Intermission
  3. Private Eye
  4. Quo Vadis
  5. Bubble Pipe
  6. Tax The Chicken Man
  7. My Hallucination
  8. Jim Backus
  9. Check Out My Butt
  10. Listen To The Band
  11. Whitey-Buck Houghton
  12. Quetzalcoatl
  13. Freedom.mp3
  14. P.O. Box 9847
  15. 32 Feet Per Second
  16. Sail Your Boat-Got That Boogie In Me