Triplemint (1996 - 1997)

Mark "cheese wiz" Peeters had a lot of time on his hands after the Sleestacks members followed their own very personal dreams to various locations across the USA. So he was cranking out lots so looong psychedelic and popish songs on his 4-track in his basement. He played this demo tape for anyone who would listen imploring them to join the fun. After weeks of getting polite smiles and "I'm too busy" four remarkable indivduals of vison and integrity decided to give it a go. The working title of PPP (the Pontificies or Psychedelic Protocol) was scraped and the name Triplemint was used. Now with Kate Beauchamp (violin), Paul Bruneau(bass), Mike DeCillis (keys, guitar), and John Kasdorf (drums), the band was complete and everyone sang too. The music could now benefit from the creative juices of all the members and a new style of music was crafted called "Glee Bowl".

An old tattered version of the web site still exists in parts here started playing shows and staging spectacular light shows, with home made pscedelic projectors and lasers. Big thanks must go to the Sinatras, who let us ride thier coat tails to get shows at first. After about a year Mike DeCillis (keys, vocals, guitar) left the band, and the remaining members recorded a CD. Thought the technical wizardry or Paul Bruneau we managed to put out an enhanced CD, with movies and VR files and tons of cool things, and an amazing face swapper for MAC only. Also a big thanks to Rob Kent for porting the face app to Java web page. I still have a ton of these CDs so if any one wants one drop me a line. Then following what seemed like the K-zoo tradition, soon after the CD was released the band broke up.

Triplemint PPP - cool tapes (1996 -97)
Sky Friend
Senses Can
Frankin Joe

Triplemint - Garbanzo Beam (1997) enhancedCD (we are still waiting for files)
1. Cowmen
2. Gnome Parade
3. Final Find
4. Close your Eyes
5. Hide Away
6. One foot on the earth, on hand in the sky